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What is DWeb?

What is DWeb?

The decentralised web, or DWeb, the new, the better web

Where the entire world population can communicate without having to rely on corporations that collects our data for profit and to conduct surveillance of your own privacy.

Dweb it’s as simple as adding your favourite bookmark or just typing the URL and signing in with crytowallet. So whoever develops apps and tools for the DWeb will need to keep this in mind. Its truly yours.Therefore, Web3 benefits us could be a chance to control our own data without having to go through another social media provider.It’s encrypted and controlled by you.

How does it work?

First,as a peer-to-peer p2p so your computer receives and sends information.Secondly,the links to work differently,rather than pointing to where the information is(a server owned by Facebook)it points to the actual content.In this way,no one central server controls everything and the content can live in multiple places.

What are the Benefits?

Personal Blogs and a decentralised video playlist.

Marketplace apps for buying and selling where a direct transaction using your cryptowallet. Therefore we no longer need to go through other thirdparty services to take a percentage of our sales!

What's the advantage of having Dentralised web?

The DWeb uses a decentralized approach. It allows users to keep control of their data,to decide who gets to use it and how much personal data you want to provide to the app.

How does the DWeb works compared to Web2.0?

Dweb lives on a P2P peer to peer connectivity, where your computer not only requests services but provides them and how information is stored and retrieved is different.