Facebook Professional Photo Posting Engage Audience

Facebook Photo Posting Layout

Facebook Professional Photo Posting Want to engage more audience to see your post and make your timeline and make your fan page looking professional?

Professional Photo Posting with one column scrolling timeline surrounded by sticky boxes ( desktop version of Facebook ). Looking at the New Update Facebook Layouts, there is less space comparing to the last update in the beginning of 2014, with over 80% space of visibility of your timeline comparing with the New Facebook Layouts 2018 we are getting about 40% of timeline (after you had scroll down the page before you scroll is about 30% and half of your latest post on a 17 inch most used screen size on pc ), with New Facebook photo Layout and we have to make good use of this space to attract more likes and followers.

How to get more likes and get more followers? You have something interesting to talk about but how to get fans to read it?
Well, you need visual, layout nice and tide page, that is the most important when the fans get on your Facebook fan page.

See the layouts we have discovered for this tutorials. fb pro photo posting

or you skip this go to the tutorials on how to make this work for you go to page 4 below.

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  1. JimB says:

    Well done. Nice tutorial! keep up good work.

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