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Facebook Photo Posting Layout

Facebook Professional Photo Posting Want to engage more audience to see your post and make your timeline and make your fan page looking professional? Professional Photo Posting with one column scrolling timeline surrounded by sticky boxes ( desktop version of Facebook ). Looking at the New Update Facebook Layouts, there is less space comparing to the last update in the beginning of 2014, with over 80% space of visibility of your timeline comparing with the New Facebook Layouts 2018 we are getting about 40% of timeline (after you had scroll down the page before you scroll is about 30% and half of your latest post on a 17 inch most used screen size on pc ), with New Facebook photo Layout and we have to make good use of this space to attract more likes and followers. How to get more likes and get more followers? You have something interesting to talk about but how to get fans to read it? Well, you need visual, layout nice and tide page, that is the most important when the fans get on your Facebook fan page. See the layouts we have discovered for this tutorials. fb pro photo posting or you skip this go to the tutorials on how to make this work for you go to page 4 below.


The objective of this tutorial :

– We want to use all the space when posting to timeline in the desktop version of Facebook. – Organizing photos keeping it neat and tidy. – Posting to timeline that looks more interesting to readers in your timeline and in full photo mode. – Having photos large enough when you open it in a large format. – Other tips while preparing the photos

What you will achieve :

a nicely fit photos that displays in your timeline and on full screen view the photo will be as big as possible please see below. I have created this page for you to see it in action and I hope you like it.


What you need

– A graphic editor program like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP a freeware editor – Web browser ( we are using firefox in this tutorial) – Download our photo templates from just open the file and save to your computer or you can make it yourself.

Things You should know :

Things you properly know when you posting photos in Facebook and it will automatically self scale, therefore when your fans view your timeline some photos may look even smaller ( vertical portrait photos ). Also when you click to view the full photos it looks small and not so interesting especially you want a posters or facebook ad on your Facebook page. There is a lot to look at, however, i will just talk about the above the most important tips on post to Facebook Photo Layouts disregarding about thumbnails etc. it just doesn’t make sense with the size and automatically scaling in facebook is like changing an circle to a square box. That we can overcome in our next tutorial.


Solution :

To overcome these problems I have custom made a set of Facebook photos in a set of different size with a lot of trial and errors. The size of the photo is proven to fit nicely in making your timeline and makes posting more interesting and engaging. To post with different layout option i had discovered with my set of custom size photo and it scales perfectly in the timeline. Engaging more fans and getting more viewers.

Tutorial :

This tutorial Update Facebook Photo Layout will post to timeline 4 photos and with a large landscape as the main hero. 1. Choose a layout from one of the above Facebook link 2. Assuming you have already downloaded our FB Pro photo posting templates open the size as in the layout “Landscape Horizontal with Two Small Photos” 806 x 406.jpg also two 600×600.jpg copy and paste over any photos to these templates in your graphical editor, in addition save the new jpg image. Remember to save two 600×600.jpg images to fill the two thumbnail in your timeline. 3. Open your facebook fan page then Open the photo by clicking on Photo button under your cover menu. 4. Find the albums tab in your photo gallery page. Click albums then up the top you will see photos. Click to go into add photos. 5. On this page enter a Name for your album then click Create Album button below. 6. Upload the photos you have created the three photos you created using our template guides. 7. After you completed uploading you should be inside or the album you had created in step 3. Now carefully choose the hero image click and drop it to the first position to the left. Probably his tells Facebook that this photo is the first photo in the order and its the hero image due to that is primary fb photo. 8. Finally go to your timeline and view you should have in your timeline exactly one hero shot with two square thumbnails. In conclusion, I hope you enjoy learning how to post in Facebook looking like a pro. While you got the hang of it and now you can add a description for each photo. When you need to amend the photo just go back into the album and delete it, then add a new photo to the album.

Properly why I choose to use the album it keeps the photo and topic together, so fans can now just open the album and find the set of photos they want to see.The only problem with this layout guide is the layouts for two landscape and two portraits side by side. You cannot use an album, hence is a bug in Facebook after you post it and then it breaks up the album separated post. so to overcome this you need to post these two layouts by using the add status photos. Hope you enjoy this short tutorial Facebook Photo Layouts and more to come soon and thanks for reading Update Facebook Photo Layout. Read more about D24

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