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SEO your website


SEO your website rank on page one of Google without spending on advertisings. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about increasing organic traffic to your website to generate more online sales.  By ranking higher in search engines in Google Search Ranking and other search engines, you will gain exposure to your product and brand. Buying Google ads is useful for immediate results, you should have an expert to help you save marketing budget and buy the ads effectively because in the long run, someone with an SEO friendly website will overtake your position and you will be stuck on purchasing ads.

Search Engine Ranking

The higher your business is ranked in search results, the more visibility of your website towards your target audience that will make it easier for people to find your products or service on the web.

Example: When someone types in a search query in Google, they are generally looking for a solution to their search, whether it’s buying a pair of boots or a related service. That’s where search engines will help the user to find what they had searched.

To optimize your website for SEO, your website and content need to be search-engine friendly. The first thing you need to know from my personal experience is that Search engines do not give big brand names the priority to rank, so if you’re a startup business you can still rank over any competitors, you just need to dedicate yourself to white hat SEO.  It’s all a matter of time it won’t happen in one day like buying ads, but the end results are getting on google number one page rank by keyword search, your clients will know you the best in the business or industry.

Example Results what you want to achieve in your SEO competition. Here are my customer’s results, we only use white hat techniques.

The customer does a local search ( results below is using Google.com.au) and enters search keyword ( below is Feng Shui Master Australia ) of what your customer is a search for and the results of the number one website with the search results. Below is the results of the Search engine optimized website which customers will be impressed with your brand and the hard work that you put on your website to go with the best business and drive traffic to your website.

D24 SEO results

It is very competitive with the search results. Keep up the hard work your effort is all worthwhile. Once you get on Number one of search engine. Your customer will gain a positive image of your brand. This will be the first conversion of a new customer then the rest is your marketing strategies on site.

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