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WordPress vs Wix

wordpress vs wix

This is the question that most of my clients will ask to use WordPress or Wix for my first business website on a low-cost? After a few months of Google how to build your first budget website and what you should look for in your website development.

The first thing you will come across would be these two website builders WordPress and Wix. These are the most common widely used development platforms used. So today we will compare the difference.

From my personal experience, I have used both website builders. I have used Wix and WordPress for a few clients. Depending on the purpose of their business goals I would recommend to my clients.

In Comparison, Wix vs WordPress is not an easy decision, especially when you are starting off with building websites. I believe you just want to get your website running and start promoting your business and services.

The last thing you want to do is spending a lot of time, money, and energy on building a website. Then later on finding your website is not ready for the competition in the niche, because you want to add more advanced features which your site is not able to cope.

I believe both Wix and WordPress are great website builders. The differences between Wix and WordPress is fairly comparative. Both web builders are capable of doing the same features and functions nowadays ( WordPress is been in business first.). Both platforms are stable and secure. It is better to understand what you want to achieve in your web design building. Instead of looking at the pros and cons of the two web building tool.

In this summary, we’ll compare Wix vs WordPress in the following 8 categories, and a conclusion for you to make the final decision.


Wix WordPress
All their features and functions will have the general features to build a website and going live. All you need is too monitored and test your Wix site to ensure they are working properly. Very flexible & customizable for coders or for the beginner you can just choose the right plugins and your perfect theme to have your website live with the basic features you need.

Ease of Use

Wix WordPress
User-friendly, drag & drop website builder made for non-technical users. You can buy add-ons and plugins at easy. Also, you can find a Wix developer who can customize your Wix or you can learn the Wix API codes you can do it yourself. I guess for the basic posting and content updating WordPress is very easy to maintain. It’s very simple. If you want to drag and drop, just choose a theme drag and drop builders. If you are tech savvy you can code the theme as you want.


Pretty much the choice a plugin for your theme and tweaking your codes you could get a below average load of 2 sec., of course, having a good server for your website could easily enhance the performance.

Wix WordPress
Wix For basic simple website without any add-ons plugins its fine, but ones the sites get larger as you go with your marketing needs adding plugins it gets really slow. In my test Wix sites over 2-3 sec on page load.

SEO Optimization

In my test Wix sites over 2-3 sec on page load.I’ve had many problems with ranking with Wix on google. I really do not recommend using Wix if you want to do SEO.


Very easily achieve as the code is all customizable even without using SEO plugins and having the knowledge of SEO you can rank on search engines.

Wix WordPress
For basic simple website without any add-ons plugins its fine, but ones the sites get larger as you go with your marketing needs adding plugins it gets really slow.

User Support

Not well-organized forum for support but there are many tutorials on the web that you can google and get the work done.

Wix WordPress
Have a dedicated support team and online tutorials. You can also get help through the phone or email.

Ongoing Maintenance

You are responsible for Maintenance and monitoring the website yourself, especially if there are updates to the platform, theme or plugins however it’s usually just a click on a button to upgrade. WordPress is an open source so it is fully customizable to what you need at any time.

Wix WordPress
Wix manages all the updates and maintenance work for you because the codes are not open to the public which makes it safe from hackers and fewer worries for the user.

Pricing Comparison

Wix WordPress
5 premium plans, ranging from $4.50 per month to $24.50 per month (based on annual plans) with hosting and bandwidth choice. There is a free option, but with certain limitations. The script is free however Could range from $20 – $15,000, depending on (hosting, themes, plugins, hiring help, etc.) At the minimum to get started, you would need a domain and a shared hosting server around $30 dollars you can get started for a month and upgrade in the future as your business grows.


Choosing Wix vs WordPress is a very personal choice – Wix is very standard if you want a standard website to start your business, while WordPress is more powerful and flexible.

Cost wise I really depend on how much you want in features and functions. For just basic simple and nice template Wix could be the choice. If you want to start off on a low budget and upgrade in the future. I believe WordPress would be the best start for your business. Wix makes the whole website building experience easier and will have a set template for you, while WordPress the standard templates is not too pleasing to the eye however it would be a nice starting point or you can purchase a custom theme.

If you want something with a better looks professional for your business. Both platforms you can purchase themes at around the same price. But WordPress’s advantage is that you can customize the theme at any time the way you want it.. While Wix You might be better of buying a new theme or get a Wix developer that knows the API that could be costly because there aren’t many developers that know Wix API compare with WordPress that are many developers you can find price varies depending on the job specification and experience.

In conclusion, If you just want a business online portfolio Wix would be the choice and that you do more offline promotions to drive your business.

On the other hand, If you want a customizable and full control of your site and that you don’t mind problem-solving as you go. As well you looking for outranking your online competitors with help of SEO I suggest WordPress would be easier.

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